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Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Pulaski County ILGenWeb site.

2019 Nov 27 Thanks to Rod Trexler, added his John & Elizabeth TREXLER query
2019 Nov 11 Thanks to Deborah Cox, Deb is our new County Co-Coordinator!
2019 Oct 29 Added another reply to cemetery query
2019 Oct 27 Thanks to Deborah Cox, added reply to cemetery query
2019 Oct 23  Added extraction and Resource link for Stories from Illinois History
2019 Aug 26 Thanks to Deborah McGee Cox, added photo of Beech Grove Cemetery
2019 Aug 21 Added Death Notices
2019 May 25 Added listing of Lincoln Cemetery burials
2019 Feb 04 Added extraction and Resource link to History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois
2018-Nov-05 Added Commodore Friganza, Willis Friganza, and Frederick Kuny biographies
2018-Nov-02 Added Resource link to naturalization records at FamilySearch.org
2018-Sep-29 Thanks to Lisa Watson Pinney, added her WATSON query
2018-Sep-28 Added Resource link to church records
2018-Aug-28 Thanks to FamilySearch, added some Wetaug church record images
2018-Jun-08 Thanks to Melissa McCord, added links to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
2018-Apr-07 Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Galbraith's railway map
2018-Mar-28 Added links to a GSSI map of Pulaski County
2018-Feb-15 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added to Korean War Fatal Casualties
2018-Feb-12 Thanks to Ann Mensch, added Vietnam War Fatal Casualties
2017-Dec-16 Cleaned up 1944 Moyers' History extractions and added illustrations
2017-Dec-11 Thanks to ILGenWeb, added Mexican-American War link
2017-Jul-01 Added 4 extra 1912 biographies from A History of Southern Illinois, volume 2
2017-Jun-22 Thanks to Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time, this site is now more mobile-friendly
2017-May-20 Added GSSI and SCC resource links
2017-Apr-16 Added Resource link to EVERS family history book
2017-Feb-06 Thanks to Wade Hansen, added Charles MILLER descendants chart
2017-Jan-29 Added 1964-2011 SSDI deaths
2016-Dec-05 Added list of Confederate soldiers buried in National Cemetery
2016-Nov-26 Added list of Spanish-American War soldiers
2016-Oct-20 Added history of Mound City excerpt from added resource Historic and Descriptive Review of Illinois
2016-Sep-23 Added some births
2016-Aug-20 Added Thomas GAUNT descendants chart
2016-Jul-23 Reorganized 1912 biographies
2016-Jun-19 Added William COVER biography
2016-May-15 Added James ROCHE biography
2016-May-14 Added some cemetery listings
2016-Apr-19 Added Samuel REES biography
2016-Mar-31 Added off-site Digital Public Library of America resource
2016-Feb-21 Thanks to Cheryl Rothwell, added Primitive Baptist Church resource links
2016-Jan-23 Added OLIVER descendants
2016-Jan-02 Updated NEEDHAM descendants
2015-Nov-27 Added to Families (PALMER and NEEDHAM)
2015-Aug-08 Added WWII Enlistments, Korean War Casualties, and family group sheets
2015-Jun-28 Added Resource link for Darrel Dexter's obituary website
2015-May-24 Added some military records and a few newspaper extracts
2015-Mar-29 Thanks to Hugh Hudson, added STOPHLET descendants
2015-Mar-21 Added excerpts from 1912 History of Southern Illinois
2014-Nov-02 Added transcription excerpts of 1883 History
2014-Oct-17 Added transcription of Episcopal Church history
2014-Jul-13 Restored court records, added death records and some history excerpts, updated Resources
2014-Jun-15 New County Coordinator, Norma Hass, changed to new look courtesy of veteran GenWeb coordinator Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time.

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