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Pulaski County was formed November 3rd, 1843. It was created from portions of Alexander and Johnson counties.

The county was named in honor of Count Casimir Pulaski. "He distinguished himself throughout the revolution, most notably when he saved the life of George Washington. Pulaski became a general in the Continental Army, created the Pulaski Cavalry Legion and reformed the American cavalry as a whole. At the Battle of Savannah, while leading a daring charge against British forces, he was gravely wounded, and died shortly thereafter." (Wikipedia)


"Of the 102 counties in Illinois, boundary lines of Pulaski are the most irregular because of the circuitous courses of the Ohio and Cache rivers. One mile north of the southernmost tip, it is two miles wide. Three miles north it is eight miles wide; five miles north it is nine miles; eleven miles north it reaches its greatest width of seventeen miles; fifteen miles north it has narrowed to fifteen miles and at the northern boundary there are only ten miles between the east and west county lines.

"The longest distance between the northern and southern boundaries is eighteen miles and the shortest distance is on the eastern boundary where the Ohio River forms an arc. At this point Pulaski County is only five miles long."

Source: Stories from Illinois History, compiled by the Workers of the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Illinois, published in 1940, page 55.

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