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2019 Nov 27

Looking for information on John TREXLER (b. c1817 in NC), married Elizabeth BARRINGER/Bassinger? (b. c1815 in NC), in Pulaski County, IL in April 1846. John served in the Civil War from Union County, IL, and died in Feb 1863 at Memphis, TN (Fort Pickering) due to sickness.

Trying to find information about John's parents, and also Elizabeth's information prior to marriage to John. I am assuming that she was previously married to a BARRINGER/Bassinger, as she had 3 children born prior to marriage to John in 1846 (Aaron b. 1837, Moses b. 1839, Eve Ann Elizabeth b. 1845). Not sure of Elizabeth's maiden name. Also not sure what happened to her first husband (BARRINGER/Bassinger). Did he die?

Did John and Elizabeth know each other in NC prior to moving to IL? Did they both come to IL at the same time with a group of people? I am aware there were several groups of Lutherans that moved from NC to IL from 1816-1850. Were they with one of those groups?

John and Elizabeth had 4 children between 1847 and 1860 (Margaret b. 1847, Anthony b. 1849, Ellen b. 1855, and unknown son b. 1860). One of their children was Anthony Jacob TREXLER (b. 1849 in IL, d. 1912 in IL) who married Mary E. STEPHENS, Minnie HUNSACKER/Hemsaker?, and Angeline BILLINGSLEY.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks, Rod Trexler lightningrod66@gmail.com

2019 Oct 23

I am looking to find if there is a Beech River Cemetery near Mounds, Pulaski County, IL? Any information will be appreciated. At this cemetery may be the graves of Dr. Samuel B. Cary, d. 1927, and his wife, Sallie Ingabo (Bird) Cary, d. 1921. They were longtome residents of Cairo, Illinois. Anonymous

Reply 2019 Oct 24 - The names of the two cemeteries are Beech Grove and Beechwood. They are both at Mounds; and one is on one side of the road, and one is on the other side of the road. Deborah Cox

Reply 2019 Oct 28 - They are buried at Beechwood Cemetery, according to 'Where They Sleep,'; vol. 4, p149.

2018 Sep 26

I'm seeking information on James Madison WATSON. He married Martha C MARSHALL of Mound City, Pulaski County Illinois in 1860-1861. The 1870 census shows her and two children living with her parents in Mound City. The children were born in 1861 and 1865. By the 1880 census she was remarried. A likely assumption would be that he was killed in the civil war. However, online civil war resources listed a number of James Madison WATSONs. Any information or helpful reference would be appreciated.
Thank you, Lisa Watson Pinney mrsdagnabit@yahoo.com

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