Pulaski County

War of 1812

Some Military Land Grants for Soldiers Of The War of 1812

Name: Lyell, Beckworth
Regiment: 2nd Regiment Tennessee Riflemen
Granted to: Beckwoth Lyell

Name: Smith, Mitchell
Regiment: 28th Regiment United States Infantry
Granted to: Mitchell Smith

Name: Symington, James
Regiment: Maryland Militia
Granted to: James Symington

Some Military Land Grants for Soldiers of the Indian Wars

Name: Herrod, Thomas G.
Regiment: Campbell’s Company Tennessee Volunteers Florida War
Granted to: Thomas G. Herrod

Name: Lackey, Alfred
Regiment: Well’s Company Illinois Mounted Volunteers Black Hawk War
Granted to: Alfred Lackey

Name: McLeod, Roderick
Regiment: Webb’s Company Illinois Volunteers Black Hawk War
Death: before 1854
Granted to: Missouri McLeod widow

Name: Smith, George H.
Regiment: Georgia Volunteers Florida War
Granted to: George H. Smith

Contributed 15 Nov 2010 by Linda Ayres

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