Pulaski County

1863 Last Will and Testament of Moses M. Rawlings

I, Moses M. Rawlings, of Mound City, county of Pulaski and State of Illinois, being of sound and disposing mind do make and publish this my Last Will And Testament,

First, I hereby bequeath to Sarah J. Delaney, the 160 acres of land upon which she now lives, and which land I purchased of Raphael Hoopaw; also 20 acres I purchased of Rice Atherton and wife, together with 40 acres I purchased from the government, making in all 220 acres of land with all the hereditaments and appurtenances, thereunto belonging, including all live stock of every description.

Second, I hereby bequeath to Emma Rawlings, my granddaughter, and heir of Francis M. Rawlings, dec'd., all the large homestead, including the large brick dwelling house. The out brick buildings and frame building, all erected within the one enclosure now occupied by said Emma Rawlings and her Mother being the same property deeded F. M. Rawlings by William Burke and wife and others; also 31 acres of land, lying in Section 16; Township 16; Range 1 West, said land lying adjoining Sam'l. Cook; also Lot 5 in block 16, in Old Mound City Plat.

Thirdly, I hereby bequeath to Doctor Newton R. Casey, my son in law, all that spacious homestead with the large brick dwelling house and out brick buildings all erected within on enclosure now occupied by said Doctor Newton R. Casey, & Family.

Fourth, I hereby bequeath to Frank Rawlings Casey, my grandson, two lots of ground lying on the corner of Main and Fourth Streets in Old Mound City Plat, as per deed.

Fifth, I hereby Bequeath to my son Carroll H. Rawlings, the sum of $5.00 to be paid by my Executor, said Carroll H. Rawlings received from me heretofore the sum of $200,000.00, a sum equal to the other heirs.

Lastly: the said heirs, Sarah J. Delaney, Emma Rawlings and Doctor N. R. Casey, having received from me including the property herein bequeathed a like sum of $20,000.00 each as part of the legacy. I do further nominated and appoint Doctor Newton R. Casey, my true and lawful executor to carry out my wishes and execute the provisions of this my Last Will and Testament. I hereby declare it to be my express wish that Doctor N. R. Casey, my Executor shall give granddaughter, Emma Rawlings, as aforesaid, a good education and is hereby instructed to pay the expenses thereof from the proceeds of the sales of any lands not above enumerated, or accruing hereto. I do hereby further instruct my Executor aforesaid, to issue notice that all my goods, wares and merchandise remaining in my store in Mound City, shall be sold at public sale to the highest bidder for cash and said notices to be posted up in the State of Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri. I hereby further instruct my Executor to sell to the highest bidder, on-half to be paid cash in hand and the other half in twelve months time, reserving a lien on the property sold for the residue of the payment and be governed in the sale of the larger parcels of out land hereafter according to the fluctuations of value. I hereby also enjoin upon my Executor to see that all the taxes are paid upon all of my out lands as well as all Lots I own in Mound City, aforesaid, other cities. I further instruct said Executor to pay all my honest debt out of the first means which may come into his possession by virtue of his office as Executor and for that purpose I place in his hands the sale of my goods supposed to be at least worth $5,000.00. I also place in his hands a claim against the bonded property of the Emporium Real Estate & Manufacturing Co., amounting to $8,000.00. more or less together with all my rents for houses, lots and lands, all of which said Executor is to hold as a sinking fund for the payment of all taxes due or to become due upon rent property and payment of debts as aforesaid. I hereby further and lastly instruct my said Executor that when all the property above enumerated is converted in manner according to the above provisions and his duties as Executor are fully executed to divide the surplus money equally between the heirs to-wit: Sarah J. Delaney, Emma Rawlings and himself.

The foregoing signed, sealed and delivered and published to be my Last Will and Testament this 3rd day of January A.D. 1863.

Moses M. Rawlings

We, Thomas W. Davis and George W. Carter, whose names are hereto subscribed as witnesses do hereby certify that the said Moses M. Rawlings, made, executed, signed, sealed and published this foregoing instrument as his Last Will and Testament in presence of us whose names are hereto subscribed in his presence and in presence of each other this Third day of January A. D. 1863

Thomas W. Davis
George W. Carter

Additional Comments:
Dr. Newton R. Casey is the son of Zadok Casey who settled in Jefferson Co IL. Dr. Newton R. Casey was a politician from Pulaski Co IL. He also was instrumental in obtaining the Mound City National Cemetery in Pulaski Co IL. Moses Rawlings was Dr. Newton R. Casey's father in law.

Contributed 04 Apr 2008 by Angela DiBlasi and Tim Casey

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