Pulaski County

America Cemetery

This cemetery may be historic. Portions were swallowed up by the bayou and acquired for farmland. It has been said that during an epidemic there were many victims quickly buried here without gravestones or other markers.

Lyerly, George D b. Jan. 24, 1835 d. Apr. 16, 1866
Lyerly, infant b. Jun. 24, 1865 d. Jun. 24, 1865
Lyerly, Mary Ann b. unknown d. Mar. 17, 1866
Lyerly, Thomas b. Jun. 30, 1840 d. Dec. 3, 1864

Orm, Frank b. Nov. 20 d. Oct. 15, 1889

Pritt, Bertha b. Nov. 16, 1861 d. Feb. 18, 1892

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