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Biography - Pat Mullen

PAT MULLEN, farmer, P. O. Pulaski, was born September 1, 1833, on an English man-of-war, between Bermuda and Jamaica. His father, who held a position in the English Navy, died when our subject was small, leaving a widow and two sons. Our subject was mostly raised in Ireland and educated there. In 1853, he came to America, and began at railroading in New York, Ohio and Illinois. For a number of years, he worked as common laborer and then as boss. He came to this county on the first passenger coach over the Illinois Central Railroad, and, with the exception of about six months, has lived here since. For nine years he was foreman on the section at Pulaski. When coming to this country, he was a poor boy, but applied himself to work, and used economy, and so has made a good property. During the time he was section boss, he bought eighty acres of woodland, and in 1866 moved on to it, first in a little shanty, but in 1867 built his present residence. His farm now consists of 160 acres, about ninety of which are in a good state of cultivation. He gives most of his attention to raising of grain, stock, etc., but also raises some fruits. In 1857, he was married in this county to Sarah J. Smith. She was raised in this county, and died October 4, 1873. The result of this union was the following named children: Annie, Catherine, Margaret, Lizzie, Sarah and two deceased. Up to the time of the war, he was Democratic in politics, but has since been Republican. He was one of the few loyal men who raised the stars and stripes as the first soldiers passed through Pulaski for the South. He contributed his time and money toward raising Company C, Thirty-eight Illinois Infantry, and his brother, James Mullen, was chosen Second Lieutenant, entering November 11, 1861. He was afterward promoted to First Lieutenant, then to Captain of the same company. Then was commissioned First Lieutenant of the First Regiment of United States Veteran Engineers, serving till September 26, 1865; then was mustered out at Nashville, Tenn.

Extracted 02 Nov 2014 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, Part V - Biographical Sketches, page 333.

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