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Frederick J. Kuny, for several years past a resident of Mound City, Illinois, is secretary and treasurer of the Williamson-Kuny Mill & Lumber Company of that city, and has been identified with that community in various manners since his advent there in 1893.

He was born in Muehlheim, Baden, in the German Empire, September 18, 1864. His father was John J. Kuny, a mechanic and farmer, and the son Frederick grew up in the atmosphere of thrift and industry, so typical of German life. His education was acquired in the pedagogical institute of Loerrach, Baden, and at the age of seventeen years he was apprenticed to a commercial institution in Frieburg, as salesman and bookkeeper. His apprenticeship completed, he went to the French district of Switzerland, where he might make a detailed and careful study of their business methods and study the French language, during which time he was located in La Chaux de Fonds. Having concluded his service there he entered the German army, and when the term of his enlistment had expired he immediately came to the United States.

On reaching Decatur, Illinois, he decided to remain there, and accordingly secured a position with a plumbing and heating establishment in the capacity of officeman and warehouseman. Leaving Decatur, he went to St. Louis, where he secured employment in a similar establishment, and which firm subsequently sent him to Mound City as manager of their branch house there.

He remained with them until the year 1902, when he engaged in the wholesale lumber business in Cairo, and later he joined forces with Alfred W. Williamson, the result of their allied forces being the Williamson-Kuny Lumber & Mill Company.

Mr. Kuny is regarded as being a business man of exceptional ability. He is president of the Mound City Commercial Club, as well as being a member of the Modern Woodmen of America and a Hoo Hoo.

Extracted 05 Nov 2018 by Norma Hass from History of Southern Illinois, by George Washington Smith, volume 3, pages 1704-1705.

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