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Biography - H. C. Fearnside

H. C. FEARNSIDE, box-manufacturer, Villa Ridge, was born in Wood County, Ohio, November 15, 1858, to William and Elizabeth (Crain) Fearnside; he, born in New York; she in Ohio. She died in this county in 1879. He is still living, and by trade is a carpenter. To them, two sons and one daughter were born, who are now living. When our subject was two years of age, his parents moved to New York, and lived at Albany and Catskill on the Hudson till 1874, when they removed to Delaware, but in 1875 came to Villa Ridge. Our subject received his education in the High School of Albany, and grammar school of Catskill, N. Y. Since coming to Villa Ridge he has been engaged in the manufacturing of fruit boxes. Up till 1880 he worked with his uncle, L. F. Crain. He then bought out the establishment. He has capacity for the daily manufacture of about 1,000 24-quart crates, and during the busiest season employs about twenty-four hands. He buys the material ready sawed, then manufactures and sells, his sales for 1883 being about 550,000 quart boxes; 40,000 one-third bushel boxes, and 5,000 bushel boxes; the sales being about $6,000. His building is two-stories. 24x60 feet. He also has cooling rooms; main building, 24x45 feet; loading room, 10x45 feet; capacity, twelve cars per day. He uses the condensed steam ice. Mr. Fearnside's father is also with him in the business, and they are engaged in fruit raising, especially of strawberries. As soon as the fruit shipping season is over, they engage in buying apples, poultry, etc., through Southern Illinois, and ship to northern markets. In politics, they are Republicans.

Extracted 02 Nov 2014 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, Part V - Biographical Sketches, pages 286-287.

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