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Biography - James B. Crandall

JAMES B. CRANDALL, attorney at law, Mound City, is a grandson of Ezekiel Crandall. a native of New York, who died in Ohio, aged almost one hundred and two years. He was of a long-lived race, and his eight children are yet living — Horace (aged one hundred and two years), Russell. James, Asief (the father of our subject), Saphrona, Lyman, Fannie and John. They have all been married, and have numerous descendants. Ezekiel Crandall cut bis way with an ax from Cleveland, Ohio, to a place in Lorain County, a distance of twenty-four miles, through a dense forest. He settled on the land which was afterward occupied by Elyria, the county seat of Lorain County, where our subject, James B. Crandall, was born April 10, 1837. His father, Asief Crandall, was born September 30, 1796, in New York. His wife, Eliza Ferris, was the mother of seven children — Edwin, Devillow, Lucretia C, James B. our subject, Lusella C., Lorenzo and Frank, a merchant in Chicago. Our subject was educated in Oberlin. Ohio. In early life, he taught school for many years in Ohio and Illinois. In 1856, he commenced the study of law with Clark & Burk, of Elyria, as his preceptors. After two years of study, he returned to Illinois, where he had previously taught school in 1855. July 3, 1858, he came to Pulaski County, where he taught in Grand Chain and Caledonia. In 1860, he was admitted to the bar at Mount Vernon, and commenced to practice in Caledonia. He came to Mound City in 1863; here he followed the mercantile business till 1865, when he once more took up his profession. The following year, he formed a partnership with D. W. Munn. now of Chicago. In 1871, he formed a partnership with John Linegar, which continues to the present day. Mr. C. was married March 5, 1861, to Victoria Bigby, daughter of Capt. John W. Bigby of Caledonia. She died November 29, 1862, leaving two boys — Bolo A., born May 5, 1862, and Ernest A., born March 5, 1865; he died August 23, 1882, at Gray's Bidge, Mo., where he was a telegraph operator. Mr. Crandall was married a second time, March 5, 1869, in Delaware County, Penn., to Rebecca J. Craig, born July 29, 1840, in Pennsylvania, daughter of James Craig, and is the mother of Robert L., born July 29, 1870; Alpha B., born November 23, 1872, and Bell P., born February 27, 1876. Mrs. Crandall is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Crandall is an A., F. & A. M., Cairo Lodge, No. 237. Has been County Treasurer of Pulaski County from 1865 to 1868; and for several years was a member of the City Council. Has also been City Attorney. In politics, he is a Democrat.

Extracted 02 Nov 2014 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, Part V - Biographical Sketches, pages 259-260.

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